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Hello World

Well, it's been a hectic week, preparing for the launch of my site. Writing code, debugging, and making last-minute improvements. Then, uploading everything to the server, only to find out that MySQL isn't working quite the way I expected... but the site is finally up and running. What a relief.
Blog entry | Posted on Monday, December 22, 2008 at 11:16 PM | Permalink | Tags: computers, | 9 Comments » One Year Anniversary

Well, it has officially been over a year since launched, late at night on December 22. And while school and work have taken an unexpected toll on theamount of things I wanted to post, I still think that it has been a successful year.
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A Few Updates

For the past month, I have either been busy with school, or busy with something else, and I more or less neglected to post anything on my blog. But here it is... the long-awaited Februaryblog post.
Blog entry | Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 9:35 PM | Permalink | Tags: NPS, computers,, NookkinCMS | 0 Comments » Mobile

If you've ever used a mobile internet device to access, you probably have noticed that it is a sub-optimal experience. With the ever-increasing popularity of such devices, I decided to create a mobile variant of my site. As of today, is available in mobile and desktop variants.
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Summer 2012 Updates

Nookkin's plans for Summer 2012 include work on NPS,, and others. Read on for more details about each.
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New Year, New Server!

The world hasn't ended and we are now well into 2013. Although has been fairly quiet recently, there has been a lot going on – the busiest semester of my life, a migration to a new server, and lots of programming.
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The new look of

Introducing the new Material-inspired responsive design and a few new features.
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