This area of the site is a repository of various software that I have written over the years, with the exception of NPS, which has its own section. These programs can range from useless pranks to useful utilities to complete applications.

Please keep in mind that a good deal of these programs are not supported, i.e. I will not provide any sort of help if you cannot get the program working. See the details page for each program for support status and system requirements.

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Blank File Generator

Blank File Generator will generate a blank or random file of an exactly specified size, on any writable media including network shares.
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Multiscreen Blank v2

Multiscreen Blank v2 is an easy-to-use utility that allows you to independently blank out or dim one or more monitors connected to your computer.
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NPS Image Editor

NPS Image Editor is a free multi-layer image editing program for Windows that is perfect for pixel art, drawing, and photo editing. It is lightweight, customizable, and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful.
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Text Converter for Windows 8

TextConverter is a convenient and intuitive app that allows instant conversion of text from one format to another. It supports binary, hex, octal, decimal, and Base64 encoding, in addition to ROT13 conversion. Quickly copy or share your encoded text, share text from another app to quickly encode it, or snap the app to the edge of the screen for quick access. It is 100% free with no ads.
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Text Converter

Text Converter 1.0 is a useful little program for encoding and converting text to various formats. This is useful for sending coded messages to your friends, solving puzzles involving such messages, and more practical things such as decoding a Base64-encoded string found in a URL.
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TrayMenu is a convenient popup menu that appears as an icon in the notification area (or "system tray") populated with shortcuts of your choice. This is similar to the built-in Windows toolbar functionality but takes up significantly less space on your taskbar. Use it to launch programs, control devices, or run arbitrary commands.
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VB_LOC: Visual Basic Line-of-Code Counter

VB_LOC is a program that analyzes your VB.NET project and/or individual files and produces a report of total lines of code. It makes a distinction between actual code, whitespace, and comments, as well as user-generated vs. designer-generated code.
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