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The New NPS Image Editor 4.0

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NPS Image Editor: Now with Layers!

It happens almost every time. I mention NPS Image Editor to somebody who has never heard of it and the first words out of their mouth are "does it have layers?". After more than 3 years of rewriting everything to support multi-layer editing, NPS Image Editor has layers at last! And what a journey it has been.
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Introducing NPS Image Editor and Color Picker 3.1

NPS Image Editor 3.1.0 has been released! This release has been long in the making due to a large number of internal improvements that were necessary to support some new features for this release (and new ones going forward) but it includes some significant improvements to the color picker, new color spaces, and new filters.
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The new look of

Introducing the new Material-inspired responsive design and a few new features.
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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review

The Yoga 2 Pro is a convertible ultrabook with a unique design that allows it to function as a laptop, tablet, and something in between. This is a refresh of the original Yoga which brings faster hardware and an insanely high-resolution 3200x1800-pixel screen to the product. I purchased one of these machines about a week ago, and here are my experiences with it so far.
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NPS Image Editor, Beta 2

NPS Image Editor Beta 2 has been released! Head on over to to grab it. But before you do, check out the sweet improvements you'll be getting!
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New Year, New Server!

The world hasn't ended and we are now well into 2013. Although has been fairly quiet recently, there has been a lot going on – the busiest semester of my life, a migration to a new server, and lots of programming.
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NPS Image Editor has gone Beta!

It's finally here! After a summer's worth of work, the NPS Image Editor Beta is now available for you to download and use. I'm amazed at how far NPS has come since the original never-publicly-released version nearly 7 years ago, and I hope to continue that original dream by making the application grow. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out in any way to make this a reality!
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How I would fix Windows 8

Windows 8 has introduced some radical changes to the user interface, the likes of which have not been seen since Windows 95's introduction of the Start menu. The new "Metro" interface is sleek, elegant, and highly responsive, but unfortunately Microsoft seems to have missed their mark in a few small but nonetheless critical places. Here is my proposed solution to some of the common complaints about Windows 8.
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