Null File Finder

Null File Finder is a simple utility to find null-filled and/or empty files on your system. This can be especially useful after a system crash that could have corrupted data.


How to use

Run the software, pick a drive (or directory) to scan, choose your options, and go! Note that it might take a while to finish. Double-click on a file in the list to locate it in Windows Explorer and do whatever you want with it.


Empty files

Check this to include empty (0-byte) files

Files filled with nulls

Check this to include files that consist only of null 0x00 bytes

Deep checking

Check this box to scan the entire file (which might take a long time for larger files). If unchecked, only the beginning of the file is scanned, which is much faster and often gives a good idea of whether the file is null-filled.


Some files cannot be accessed during the scan. Check this box to show them in the list.


You are allowed to use Null File Finder with virtually no restrictions. However, you may NOT use this software as part of your own projects or compilations without permission from the developer.

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