Computer Graphics

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3D Graphics

The world around us is 3-dimensional, but a computer screen is flat (2-dimensional). How, then, does one display 3D information on a 2D screen? Enter the world of 3D graphics.
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Computer Animation

Computer animation involves continuously modifying something about an object on the screen. This can be its position, color, or even the overall shape (by modifying multiple points at once). This article will explain the details involved in making your own animations in a program.
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Computer Puppetry

Computer puppetry is the process of animating an on-screen figure, making it follow a predefined set of movements. A puppetry animation can be as simple as having a stick figure walk across the screen; more complex puppetry animations involve multiple objects performing far more complicated maneuvers while interacting with each other, but the general process is the same. Unlike a video game, a puppet is animated using pre-defined movements as opposed to movements that the user inputs in real time.
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