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They keep me trapped here. Trapped behind invisible walls, in a gray, heartless world of stoned businessmen bustling around in their office buildings, stoned schoolchildren sitting in their classrooms. Living a lie. Bustling about, oblivious, uncaring.
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Beyond The Network

John52fe walked down the gray street, his shoes squelching in the muddy ground. He was a man on a mission: get to the school on time or else. Satch3r would be angry. Very angry with him indeed.
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It came in the night, defying gravity, changing the laws of physics, hurling heavy chunks of metal into the air. It melted glass and steel like the hot July sun melts snow. It danced and lit up the sky in a blazing inferno, and then it died down, gone, leaving a cold, dead city behind, whispering with thousands of lost voices, covered in ash like snow.
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