NPS Image Editor, Alpha 4

NPS Image Editor has been in alpha stage for a while, due to the fact that I've been busy with classes, work, and projects around the house. Nonetheless, the promised yearly release has been built, and while not as grand as some of the previous ones, it is almost universally an improvement in subtle but useful ways.

The primary driving force behind this release has been a somewhat overlooked feature that I found myself using regularly: the color picker in standalone mode. I regularly need to match on-screen colors for HTML use, sometimes with the need to tweak them a bit, and the color picker has proved invaluable. The dialog has been given a face lift, some new color selectors (based on the HSL standard) have been added, and overall performance in standalone mode has been improved.

Some other notable improvements are the various bug fixes. The selection rectangle bugs have no doubt been driving you nuts, but most of them have been fixed – be sure to let me know if you find any more! The program itself has also been renamed to "NPS Image Editor", but feel free to continue calling it "NPS". You can view more details about improvements and bug fixes in the release notes, as usual.

This is a fairly minor release, and I apologize for not including the fancy new splash screen and other features that you may have been expecting. I will try to get those implemented over the summer.

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