LaunchDay is a command-line utility that launches another command only on the specified days of the week.

How to use

Put LaunchDay.exe somewhere in your path. Specify the day(s) as the first parameter and the command as the second. Use quotes if the second parameter contains spaces.

Usage: LaunchDay [MTWRFSU] "command" Days of the week: M - Monday T - Tuesday W - Wednesday R - thuRsday F - Friday S - Saturday U - sUnday

Suggested uses

Working from home

Due to COVID, amny of us are working from home – often using our personal devices to connect to work-provided ones. In my scenario I run a virtual machine and VPN into work from there. Unfortunately this takes a while to boot up, so I'm left with two less-than-ideal choices: manually launch it after booting the host PC, or have it auto-launch every day including weekends where I then have to immediately shut it down.

Enter LaunchDay. I now have a shortcut to the VM in my Startup folder but use LaunchDay to ensure the VM only auto-launches Monday through Friday.

Scheduled tasks

Typically you could schedule a backup in Task Scheduler to run on specific days – but what if you're instead wanting it to run based on another trigger (such as at startup or shutdown), Task Scheduler does not give you an easy way to exclude certain days.


You are allowed to use LaunchDay with virtually no restrictions. However, you may NOT use this software as part of your own projects or compilations without permission from the developer.

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