Text Converter for Windows 8

TextConverter is a convenient and intuitive app that allows instant conversion of text from one format to another. It supports binary, hex, octal, decimal, and Base64 encoding, in addition to ROT13 conversion. Quickly copy or share your encoded text, share text from another app to quickly encode it, or snap the app to the edge of the screen for quick access. It is 100% free with no ads.


Text Converter supports the following back-and-forth conversions: binary, decimal, hex, octal, Base64, and ROT13. It is effectively a port of Text Converter 1.0 that is optimized for use on a desktop or tablet PC running Windows 8.

The app supports sharing both ways: you can share text encoded with Text Converter, or you can quickly encode or decode text from other applications. This is in addition to the standard copy and paste ability.


The main application window
Snap TextConverter to the edge of your screen
Receive content from any application
Share content with any application


Open in Windows Store

This app must be downloaded from the Windows Store, and requires Windows 8.

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