NPS codename Obsidian, Milestone 3

NPS codename Obsidian, Milestone 3, was released today. Milestone 3 shares the same UI appearance as Milestone 2, but also boasts more features. Most toolbox items are now at least partially functional, including rectangular selection, brushes, shapes, airbrush, zoom, and flood fill.

The NPS Color Picker dialog in NPS 3.0 will follow the tradition from early versions of NPS in its general appearance, though its look will be updated. More color selectors will be added, potentially including a Photoshop-style RGB selector, YUV mixer, and web-safe color palette. At the same time, the new Simple View feature hides everything except the actual color selector itself, thus reducing clutter and confusion.

You can download NPS codename Obsidian, Milestone 3 from the NPS download page.

Please leave your feedback, both positive and negative, about the current state of NPS Obsidian.

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