A Few Updates

For the past month, I have either been busy with school, or busy with something else, and I more or less neglected to post anything on my blog. But here it is... the long-awaited February blog post.

If you haven't already noticed, I've added a few things to my website. Most notably, Computer Bloopers. I have been collecting somewhat humorous computer-related incidents that I have experienced for several years now, and am now putting some of them online. Although directed toward a more technically-minded audience, even someone who doesn't know the difference between CPU and RAM should enjoy at least a few of the stories.

I am working on releasing NPS codename Obsidian Milestone 1. NPS codename Obsidian is the next major release of NPS (version 3.0), and will be written in VB.NET and/or C#. I hope to put Milestone 1 online fairly soon.

I'm also slowly starting on NookkinCMS, which is a content-management system that will (at first) be used for managing my own site, but will eventually be made a downloadable, installable CMS for almost any website. So far, I have a very basic control panel, nothing more.

I hope to write some more blog entries or articles soon. If I don't add something new within a week, feel free to remind me.

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