Hello, and welcome to my site!

A Short Autobiography

My name is Alexey "Lyosha" Blinnikov, usually known online by the name "nookkin". "Lyosha" is the accepted common form of the name "Alexey" (it's Russian); the name "nookkin" doesn't mean anything in particular in any language.

I have a strong interest and passion for technology in its many forms, especially when it comes to software development. I've been like this my whole life – I was obsessed with electrical circuits at age 7, for example – and don't plan to stop any time soon. At age 13, I entered the world of programming, and haven't looked back since.

Feel free to shoot me an email or check out my personal homepage if you'd like!

My websites

Nookkin.com is a project that started in 2008 as a place to express myself online, give the world some of my knowledge, and to have a general place to post my software. The entire site is designed, developed, and coded from scratch, including the "NookkinCMS" platform it's running on. The site is currently running on a Windows VPS that I configured myself. Why did I do it this way? Because it's more fun than using a pre-packaged commercial product.

Some other websites of note are NPS Image Editor, which is a minimalistic site devoted to my image editing application; and alexey.blinnikov.net, a work in progress that will eventually become my personal home page.

Enjoy your visit!