Computer Bloopers

In a world of technology, there are bound to be some people who don't understand it as well as others. At times, this can be frustrating to us geeks; at other times, these misunderstandings can manifest themselves in humorous ways.

I have been writing down such incidents ever since I got a computer (which was a good 4 years ago). These stories are true, and I have either been involved in the incident myself, or overheard it. Some of them are fairly common bloopers, thus you may have seen or heard of them before. Some will have you rolling on the floor laughing, while others may not seem funny at all. Either way, they should be enjoyable to read.

Sit back and relax, and enjoy the stories. Please leave a comment if you have something to say.

DISCLAIMER: These stories are intended for the enjoyment of readers, and are NOT meant to be offensive or humiliating to anyone, whether the reader or the person involved; nor are they meant to imply that computer-savvy people are automatically smarter than computer illiterates.

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You work with files every day. Whether you're typing a document on Microsoft Word, or copying a large folder of files onto another computer, there is always a chance of screwing up, in a humorous way.
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Hardware is what makes up a computer. A rather basic concept... but not so simple for many individuals to grasp.
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Some people just don't get the most basic things sometimes. Admit it, we've all been in this situation before.
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Operating Systems

Most computers run Windows. Others run Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, Solaris... and many more. But quite a few people don't grasp the concept of an "operating system", and then you get anecdotes such as these.
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The concept of programming seems simple enough – you give the computers instructions, and the computer follows them. However, there are numerous times when someone either overestimates the computer's omniscience, or doesn't manage to grasp the concept at all.
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Speed Misconceptions

You often hear of terms like "terabyte", "gigahertz", and "RAM". But what do these all mean? More is better, right?
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Term Confusion

By far the most common mistake is to mispronounce one or more of the myriad selection of technical terms incorrectly, or to use the wrong term at the wrong time.
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